I am The Hungry Athlete. Yoga Teacher. Multi-sport athlete. Hungry for all things wellness.

I am the everyday athlete in search of tasty nourishing meals. “Save room for dessert”, was occasionally encouraged by my dad, who also encouraged a variety of sports when I was growing up. I’ve grown up into a hoarder of cook books and sports equipment. I’m not exaggerating. And then I entered the world of endurance sports.

One marathon led to a century ride. A century ride led to “I should really learn how to swim properly.” One hundred forty point six miles of swimming, biking and running later, I became a full Ironman triathlon finisher. I have been a proud member of an all-female triathlon team representing Betty Designs. I have served on the Board of Directors for the Silicon Valley Triathlon Club where I planned training retreats and created menus, feeding over 100 athletes.

My indulgence in repetitive motion sports, however, came with a price. After sustaining a string of overuse injuries, I delved deeper into my yoga practice. The awareness of my breath and mental focus transcended off the yoga mat and onto the roads and trails. I became aware that running and biking served as a form of moving meditation.

Whether you’re an ardent athlete or new student, I invite you to make yoga a part of your balanced training regiment and/or healthy lifestyle. I am RYT200 certified through the Joy of Yoga School with Jennifer Prugh and am currently enrolled in the 500 hour program. I am trained in yoga for children, am a step-mom to four children, have a B.S. in accounting and draw upon nearly 20 years of corporate experience in the combined areas of professional services and human resources. These experiences help me to connect with a broad audience, from children and parents, to professionals. My corporate clients includes an international law firm, a bio-tech and large high-tech company.

In addition, I have completed several nutrition courses at Stanford University, including a course on nutrition for endurance athletes. I am currently completing Ayurveda training. I offer recipes which are focused on healthy whole foods, with some attention to fueling the athlete and while other recipes offer a small allowance for being indulgent.

The journey continues …



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  • Oh I just found your blog, great!
    I love the description of yourself, and of course, the combination snowboard and triathlon, just like myself.
    I learned snowboarding (and am still learning) in my late 30’s as well and started triathlon just a few years earlier than that.
    I’ve been loving sports throughout my whole life (playing basketball regularly as a kid, then jazz-dance, then just jogging and hiking).

    I’m looking forward to browse and read through your recipes, because I need some inspiration. There I think I can learn a lot from you!

    Imke 🙂

    (sorry, my blog is all in norwegian – I was planning an international version though – maybe I should get started with that, too)

  • Thanks so much for your comment Imke! I will follow your blog even though I don’t understand Norwegian! I look forward to hearing about your upcoming triathlons, snowboarding adventures and of course your thoughts on my recipes! I think I can learn a lot from you too! You have inspired me in return!


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