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In case Super Bowl LIII didn’t “spark joy” in your life, perhaps my nutritious and heart healthy Turkey Chili will. I’ve Kon-Mari’d a family meal into one pot. I like to prepare this chili the night before and then I let it slow-cook all day on a timed slow-cooker that keeps it on warm until I get home. Now doesn’t the idea of coming home to a home cooked meal spark joy for you?

Made with extra lean white ground turkey, lots of beans, roasted corn and cocoa powder to add richness. Serve over a baked potato or with a side of tortilla chips or corn bread.

For me it was all about the half time show, which I did enjoy watching. Congrats to the Pats. Forgive me as I’ve got to root for my local team, the 49ers and since I’m still a Jersey girl at heart, I’m rooting for the NY Giants too.